You will be blocked on snapchat/ from VIP access if you:

1. Message me or leave a comment anywhere that is complaining about my body or looks. If you don't like what you see.... exit quietly

2.Screenshot, especially after being told to stop



Thank you everyone..

-Sarah Love




  1. I am 5'5
  2. I'm an artist
  3. I have 12 tattoos (for now)
  4. yes, this is my natural hair color
  5. Breasts are between a full C and a D
  6. I love cartoons
  7. some of my favorite cartoons are South Park, Dragonball, Bob's Burgers.
  8. I prefer baths over showers
  9. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes
  10. i am 420 friendly ;)
  11. I HATE the sound styrofoam makes